The Relentless Art of Perseverance

It's 10pm. Kids are in bed, your spouse too.

Intuition hits you like a freight train with so much clarity it almost leaves you speechless as to why you have never thought about it before. Goosebumps, almost, kick in. THE idea, that insight you have been waiting for finally sprouted naturally. You thank your creative imagination and your subconscious.

You got this. Now, you are going to go to bed, and tomorrow… oh, tomorrow! You are going to conquer the world.

Except tomorrow will be tomorrow. And it never comes.

Life is tough, there are a million artifacts to juggle everyday, expectations (internal and external), labels you carry whether you want them or not. You have a limited amount of energy and so many commitments.

But it does not have to be that way. Everything changes when you train your perseverance. Everything changes when you shift your attitude, voluntarily, and you decide to act.

Perseverance is key

I am by nature a go-for-the-stars kind of guy. I have been there many times. It's easy to start full of intention, hit the ground running, and then lose mileage. You've heard it in all sort of euphemisms, comparing life to marathons, sprints, you name it.

The greatest lesson of all for me was to learn how to persevere, to take action. And to always assume responsibility for all.

When we admire successful people, able to steer their life in a positive and successful direction, we tend to think first and foremost about their innate qualities, their upbringings, the fortunate conditions that blessed them to achieve success and wealth.

You can always see yourself too short, too heavy, too shy. You are not a natural athlete, you are not them, they (the successful ones) are lucky. Life gave them a great hand of cards.


That's a very negative and passive approach. Gary Vee, would call it playing defense.

Play offense. Take action, stay in control of your life. One step at a time. But that step, you relentlessly have to take it.

Take action

Let’s roll in pop-culture, in one of its finest moments:

Before you start jumping on your chair, as the new righteous captain of the “yes I can!” movement, focus on this message:

Just do it.

That's it, that's the thing. The factor. The compounding multiplier. The whole strategy. It's such a simple yet powerful idea.

Think about it, if you would have continued:

  • going to the gym since the very first day you have gone in your life
  • learning that foreign language
  • practicing mindfulness since that first time you tried and felt so good
  • insert anything else here...

You get the gist. What kind of person would you be now?

Sure, in case of failure you can always argue about the firmness of your motivation to conquer your goals. Or blame your goals, yeah, they might not have be sound or grounded or strategic or whoknows. OR you can go back blaming the physical and innate characteristics you think you do not have.

I hate to break it to you. Regardless of your pleasure inducing inner counterargument, action and perseverance are still the most important skills to nurture. Because the day you are going to find your true igniting motivation, the day your goals are going to be smart and aligned, the day you are going to have the grit to get out there

if you don't put in the work and you don't take consistent steps every day, in and out, you will still be on the sideline, tying up your shoes to start the race. Maybe blaming some other kid for being faster.

Get out of your head

By biological design, our mind wants to solve problems. Four thousand years ago, Joe the Saber Tooth Tiger wanted to eat us. There was no forced air heating system in the cave and you were just constantly starving. So yeah, you had to solve problems. Fast. You had to take steps towards your goals or you would die of starvation (literally, not like someone in line at Starbucks).

Fast forward to now. We have these amazing ideas, you are capable of using and processing data so fast and so efficiently. You can rely on such a vast array of technology that can get you were you want and where you need to go, fast and efficiently.

When you put it all together, it turns out the biggest limiting factor in the equation is you and your inability to constantly take action. Even one small step a time.

But here is the great thing about it:

You control you.

Get out of your head, put together a plan of action and invest your time in building your discipline and perseverance.

I know you are waiting to read one more book. I know you should research more about your niche to write something about it. I know you should buy the right gear to go for that run. I know what you are thinking. Stop.

Just do something. Take a step in the direction you want to go.

5 steps to build your perseverance daily

I thought long and hard about this. Whether I wanted to add a list of suggestions on how to increase your perseverance with a list of articles on practices and exercises. You can find tons of material on this online. Talk to your support group, read books, follow groups on social media, watch YouTube videos.

Nah. I think you have to learn by doing. You have to learn how you learn. And there's no better way than experimenting with yourself. So here we go, my 5 steps to build perseverance daily:

  1. Get up and do the thing.
  2. Do the thing in the morning.
  3. Muster up courage and do the thing in the afternoon.
  4. Hustle up and do the thing at night.
  5. Go to bed and rest, because tomorrow you will do the thing.

Makes sense?

Your message

We all have a message. And I truly believe positivity wins over negativity in all aspects of life. But no matter how great, scalable, innovative, and life changing your idea or your product is, if you do not get out there and start taking action, you are not going to be able to share the message you care so much about.

I am curious to hear your message, your goal, your idea. What is it? Comment below and share this message.

Get out there. Hustle up. Do it.