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Focus on Negativity and you will lose

I want people to succeed. That’s my core.

I have a passion for disrupting the industry, build innovation, and develop businesses focusing on creating products with value. But it took me a bit to discover the missing piece: I love helping people become the best they can be while they discover what truly moves them at their core.

When I think about what I bring to the table, I value emotional intelligence just as much as IQ, hard-work, hustle and perseverance. Honing your skills, sharpening the saw, you name it, it’s my gig. I thought I had the formula, but things were not clicking at the scale I wished them to. I was missing the last piece of the proverbial puzzle.

Positivity. Truly, at your core, being driven by kindness.

Coat that belt sander with positive intentions before sharpening those knives of yours. And most of all, drive your emotional intelligence to transform negativity into positivity in any aspect of your actions.

At our day and age, it is already considered a humongous effort to hold the door open for someone. Buying someone a cup of coffee with no expectations but that to help a fellow human being. Little by little, with small steps, those small act of kindness and love Simon Sinek talks about. I lived in that, I loved it, it spoke to my core naturally.

At the cost of sounding like Creek from Trolls, I thought I was walking on sunshine and helping people as much as I could with my little actions. I was like a dude on a Smash Mouth video. Just upbeat.

But what about in our professional lives? Do we really stand true to our intentions where it is harder? Where insecurities mix with dreams and expectations?

I realized how much positivity makes a total difference in business.

I realized that because of the scale and reach we have while working on a product, the compounding effect positivity and kindness have in business, is even more impactful than in personal life.

And I owe it all to my friend.

My friend and his stuff

I am helping a friend of mine building his business, his brand. I am helping him finding his true self and helping him shedding those barriers to make his work his passion, and his passion his life.

What I usually do in this cases is I have a set of conversations with people and steer them, gently, towards shedding down those limiting beliefs and labels dangling on their neck.

It is this engaging part of the process that drives me.

The moment when it clicks and a person or a subset of people behind a company or a brand figures out exactly what they stand for. It truly brings happiness to my core to help people do that and to help them spread their message. Because I value time as our most important asset, in that moment profound, blissful moment, that is when time is not getting wasted any more. That is where we start working with intention towards what we care for.

Back to my friend: during these conversations, I realized his true passion, I saw it in him before he even did, just like it happens so many times with people we know and care about. But what I saw covering his dream was a layer of negativity.

His product was good, his knowledge stellar, and most of all, his true intentions were positive. Nevertheless, the actual reasons that brought him to create something to better people lives were trapping him in a loop of anger and desire to uncover what he though was unjust.

Don’t get me wrong. I value anger. I value rebellion and insurgency. Those are the emotions driving us to growth. But I want these emotions to be kickstarters, to be intense and short lived.
The anger and desire to expose the establishment behind the pain and suffering my friend saw in people, was taking over him. He was focusing only on what was wrong and how unfair it all was. Throughout the process, I got his message, I understood why there was a need to disrupting that industry. But I was not really clear as to what positive steps were to be taken to counterbalance the negativity.

Negative was getting fought with negative and nobody was winning anything.

We need to move that attention towards positive solutions. It is great to zero in on an issue and figure out what’s wrong. But a mistake we often do, specifically when we try to start a product or a movement, it’s to get stuck in that negative phase, the anger phase that gets us out of bed to make a difference.

Use that. Get up from bed. But then change your mindset. Focus on what you can do, positively, to make a difference. Start small, don’t try to change an establishment at once. Change one person at a time. Create real value in each single life, and the compounding effect behind that will change an industry. It will change a generation.

That is what I believe in. Building products and solutions that help solving a problem with positivity and kindness. And I love helping people figuring out how to do it and how to spread the word.

Me and my stuff

When I realized this, I realized what a monumental blocker negativity had been in my previous professional experiences. I realized how in the past, I could have been a lot more effective in meetings, in discussions, in strategic planning and in the classic push/pull situations if I would have been driven by positivity and kindness. If I would have focused on creating a positive solution driven by intentions. Or even, just come up with a solution, instead of just complaint.

When you think it’s impossible, that the task is too difficult, or that a culture at work is in danger, don’t just focus to expose it. If you feel the message is getting toxic, let those emotions ignite you, but change them, morph them towards positivity and see it all as an opportunity to make a positive difference. See it as an opportunity to create a new beginning, a new product, a new point in space and time to erase the bad and start the good.

People around you will see that change. Positive change and positive emotions reach your subconscious quicker than anything else and get imprinted there. They will sprout new emotions in the future, new thoughts and new products, geared towards helping people and create positive value.

Look at successful brands. They focus on advertising why their product will improve people’s lives. Brands that criticize other brands, that focus only on dethroning the competition end up failing. And if they end up winning temporarily, they do so in a market that does not value brand loyalty. Their successes are usually short lived.

My message to you

Regardless of your setting, ask yourself how you can make it better. Not just more sale, more success, more end-game. Ask yourself how you can make your message better, more positive, kinder. And most of all, get a message out. Get a solution out. Don’t get stuck on the anger, don’t get stuck on the negative.

Because in the end, focus on negativity and you will lose.