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DevOps artist — Web Developer — Just a guy

Hello, my name is Alex.

I am a Devops engineer by trade and a wannabe web developer by night. I aim to build beautiful websites with responsive content and scalable features. I am a dreamer and a hard-worker. A technical guy and a passionate listener. Co-founder of my son, with my gorgeous wife Michelle.

Personal Toolbox


I love to build and architect scalable infrastructure on cloud platforms. High availability and disaster recovery are my middle names. I keep things elastic.


Configuration management is a must these days. That combined with Linux makes my favorite environment, but if I need to, I bend Windows to my will (or at least I try to).


Coding is my passion. Python my language of choice. I use it with Boto3 to do AWS magic. I am also learning Flask and Django to create fast and amazing web apps.

Web Development

I practice HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Angular, Node, and Mongo everyday. Combine that with my Puppet code and AWS automation, next thing you know, my stuff is up and running.